Opening Accounts in the UAE

The financial sector of the United Arab Emirates has an impeccable reputation and is one of the three largest industries in the Gulf region. The banking sector of the UAE is well known for its high-level confidentiality, which, in turn, ensures maximum comfort and security for its banking clients. Today, the banking sector in the United Arab Emirates consists of a large number of local and international banking institutions.

Which Group of Clients Can We Open an Account?
ipravo получение виз в ОАЭ
ipravo получение виз в ОАЭ
Resident's Family Members
ipravo получение виз в ОАЭ
Contract Workers

Main Advantages of Opening a Bank Acount in the UAE


Free movement of capital in any direction (There is not a single bank in the history of the UAE that goes bankrupt)

Powerful banking infrastructure.

Powerful banking infrastructure in the Middle East with aligned processes.

High confidentiality.

High confidentiality of data on the account holder in the UAE


Reliability of the political system (the country thrives not only through oil production, but also through trade and tourism, especially in Dubai, which produces only 5% of the total oil in the country)


The UAE is one of the main global financial centers of the modern economy


Stability of the national currency: 1 US dollar = 3.65 drhm (the rate is stable for more than 20 years).

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