Obtaining a visa in the UAE

In contrast to the tourist visa in the UAE, a residence visa is issued for a period of 3 years for the investor and 2 years for the employees of the enterprise. At the expiration of this visa you will be able to extend it an unlimited number of times. If you have a residence visa, you have the right to permanent residence in the United Arab Emirates. In addition, you can get a visa for your family members: wife / husband and children under the age of 18 years.

Types of visas in the United Arab Emirates
ipravo получение виз в ОАЭ
Visa for an Investor
ipravo получение виз в ОАЭ
Sponsorship Visa
ipravo получение виз в ОАЭ
Work Visa


Visa for an Investor.

A visa for an investor is a type of visa that allows a foreign investor to enter, stay, engage in business and leave the country. This is a pass that allows the investor to engage in various activities.

Work Visa.

A work visa is issued by companies when they apply for a job. After receiving a work visa of this type, you can also apply for a visa for your family members, namely for your wife and minor children. The cost of obtaining a first visa is usually covered by the employer. The cost of opening visas for other family members - depending on the terms of the contract

Sponsorship Visa

Sponsorship visa is a type of visa that allows an investor / manager / employee to issue a residence visa for your family members

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